1. Getting into the same old shit that gonna hurt

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    favorite movie

    Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

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    Duarte Vitoria

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    This morning was the first time it rained in more than two weeks


  9. blacklakyn said: Hey, how do you get the money to travel around living in a car? I've always wanted to do that but it costs money.. If you dont mind me asking of course!


    Craigslist. Getting to know people in the area that you’re in. Being creative and making things to sell. Busking. Everything. Seriously there are endless possibilities and jobs available in so many places, even if they’re just small jobs that people have ads for up on craigslist.. It’s especially easy in the summer to travel because you can be homeless and live in the forest or in the national parks and not pay for rent and go to your job to save money to travel again and then pick up right where you left off. You can perform on the street or sit out with a sign looking for work… It all depends on the intention you put into manifesting the money! Put your energy into the universe and don’t give up. If you don’t have money for gas you can also buy a gas tank and sit outside the gas station and ask people if they can spare some of their gas while they’re filling up their tank. People are so kind in some places and if you stay hopeful and open to the fact that positive and amazing and magical things happen in the world all the time, you are bound to have something happen for you!!! The universe works in mysterious ways and if before you travel you have the mindset that “it’s highly unlikely or I can’t do this or do this because ______” well then you’re putting that sort of negative energy in and it’s more likely that you will attract negativity. Understand? Weave your web of intention through passion, love, and determination. Everything is possible in a world of infinite possibilities!!!! I love you!